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“You were superb. You really put that evening together in the most sophisticated and wonderful way. I’ve just gotten incredible statements from many of the different people who were there that night. All the work that you did paid off. It was terrific.”

Ruth Feder
The MacDowell Colony

“Thank you to you and your team for giving the event such professional and thorough organization.”

Martha Wells
Wildlife Trust

“You were a pleasure to work with. Both Louise and I always felt so confident that you would keep us on track and shoulder most of the burdens for us.”

Bridgett Lundy
St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers

“Thank you so much for your blood, sweat and tears. You were really terrific, and it was such fun to get to know you and work with you, and I really appreciate it so much.”

The Very Reverend James P. Morton
The Interfaith Center of New York

“Thank you for everything you did for us. You are excellent at what you do.”

Tanya Austin Maccagno
Lenox Hill Hospital

“Thank you for your intelligence, insight, thoughtful criticism and wit.”

Jack Wrangler
The Johnny Mercer Foundation

“We appreciate your enormous energy.”

William J. Slack
Brown University

“Poor Scott! What will you do for an encore? What a sensational evening! Many, many, many thanks!”

Helen Tucker
The MacDowell Colony

“Your professionalism, distinctively hard work ethic and enthusiasm will continue to keep you at the top of your game.”

Gabrielle Berberich
Easter Seals New York

“Thank you very, very much for providing the music at the Literacy Volunteers of New York City benefit reception. It made a good deal of difference to the success of the party.”

Parker B. Ladd
Association of American Publishers,
Publishers, INC

“Your music was absolutely delightful to hear, and totally enhanced the evening’s festivities.”

James L. Schwab
Executive Director
Kips Bay Boys’ & Girls’ Club, Inc.

“Everyone has complimented us effusively, and I wanted to convey to you our pleasure with the results.”

Raymond C. Soldabin
New York City Partnership, Inc.

“Thank you for providing such lovely music which added immeasurably to the atmosphere.”

Judith R. Hyman
The New York Hospital – Cornell
Medical Center.

“Thank you for contributing the gala ambiance to the reception. Your music lent a special dimension to the evening.”

Darlene McCloud
The Municipal Art Society of NY

“What a sensation your orchestra made the other evening! I understand that it is customary, but it was new to me. Thank you for making everything run so smoothly.”

Joyce Bodig
The Frick Collection

“Someone said this year that once the band started to play, the party took off as if someone had dropped a match in gasoline. And that’s a good party! I do look forward to dancing all night to the music of Forrest Perrin!”

Margaret G. Kahn
The Frick Collection

“As usual, you added just the right festive touch to the party. I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate the extraordinary creative support and efforts from you and your orchestra. It is always wonderful working with you.”

Annette Green
The Fragrance Foundation

“You and your wonderful music really made that party.”

Lou Jacob
Trinity School

“Best of all was your music with the spirit and rhythm so special, so lively and so danceable.”

Mrs. Arthur A. Feder
The Victorian Society

“Everyone loved the music, as was obvious to anyone watching the crowd on the dance floor”

Mary Ann Mailman
Parents Association of Collegiate School

“The dance floor was crowded all the time and the music was perfect, as always. So much of the success is always due to your music.”

Margaret G. Kahn
The Frick Collection

“What a highlight. I’ve had several letters expressing pure delight at the musical program.”

Gil Maurerd
The Hearst Corporation

“The minute we walked into the Waldorf Ballroom, we knew it was an elegant party because you were there. As usual, you added sparkle to the evening. We had the most delicious time thanks to you!.”

Donald G. Tober
Sugar Foods Corporation

“On behalf of Tiffany & Co., I would like to thank you and your musicians for helping to make the celebration such a memorable one.”

Christy Passaro
Tiffany & Co.

“Thank you so much for another huge success! We have had nothing but compliments from the guests about their enjoyment over your wonderful music and song. Your music was tops – you’re the best!”

Paul Hallingby, Jr.
Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.

“You gave us all real joy, both by your beautiful music and by your attitude about the party. It meant a great deal to have you. We all felt very fortunate.”

George S. Franklin
The Trilateral Commission

“The music made the party, and I thank you for all you did to make it perfect.”

Gail Eisen
CBS News

“By 9:30 this morning, more than half of our guests had called to compliment us on your music!”

Elizabeth M. Christiansen
American Express

“There is no adequate way for me to thank you. It was such a great event – particularly the musical part of the evening.”

William H. Moore
American Can Company

“Pure perfection! You made our party come alive. I’ve never heard so many rave reviews. Everywhere I went people were truly ecstatic! Thank you for always playing the right music at the right time! You made the party the success we had hoped for.”

Marjorie S. Deane
Tobé Associates, Inc.

“You and your people were absolutely magnificent. Our guests told us they cannot remember when they enjoyed dancing more.”

Leslie Goldstein
SRG Associates

“You were marvelous and filled the air with magic.”

William T. Loverd
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

“Thank you for your superb music. You prepare such a variety of music for all to enjoy, and the range of talent you assemble is remarkable. The selections pleased every taste and, during dinner, you provided a subtle background and never an intrusion. Working with you is a great pleasure.”

Ann C. Konchan
Shearman & Sterling

“Thank you for the wonderful music you provided for our closing dinner. You added just the right touch that we needed to make the evening a success.”

John G. Brim
Merrill Lynch

“You played superbly at Cole Porter’s 100th birthday celebration. You were wonderful!”

Robert Kimball
Author, “The Complete Lyrics of Cole Porter”

“What would I do without you? Thank you for the delicious music – everything worked out just perfectly. I love the music you play, and I just want you to know that your unending generosity to all the cultural organizations in this city is so appreciated.”

Donald Smith
The Cabaret Convention

“Thank you so much for a great job! You are the very best!”

Lionel Larner

“I always enjoy hearing you play.”

Louis Botto
Author, “At This Theatre”

“Your brilliant performance made it a spec- tacular event.”

Arthur T. Birsh

“With many, many thanks for the beautiful music and for making the party a success”

Elizabeth Peters
[daughter of Irving Berlin]

“I want you to know how grateful all of us here at the Wing are for your splendid accom-paniment at Sardi’s the other night.”

Isabelle Stevenson
American Theatre Wing

“No matter how many times you have played for us before, the evening on October 19 had a unique, upbeat wonderful ‘Forrest’ touch! The raves are still pouring in. The wonderful party feeling, the good cheer and the lively atmosphere could be attributed to your splendid playing, your sophisticated musical sense, and your own unique fun-loving warmth. Never before have we had the sing-along that you inspired with your sparkling music. Over and over again I realize how wonderful you are – and how sparkling, happy and special you make each party.”

Mrs. Arthur A. Feder
Archives of American Art

“You caused so much of the excitement of the evening”

Henry A. Young, Jr.
Foundation for the Joffrey Ballet

“You’re a complete marvel.”

Martha Torge
Warner Bros

“As always, your music greatly enhanced the mood of the evening.”

Corinne LaPook
The American Film Institute

“Thank you for making my wedding day even more memorable than I could have imagined.”

Vivien Lasky Friedman

“Of all the good things about Roxanne’s wedding, your music was the best”

Andrew A. Anspach

“I didn’t believe it was possible to please everyone, but you did.”

Marilyn Schwartz

“Andrew and I said from the beginning that the most important part of the wedding is the music. We were a bit nervous with all those ages and tastes in one room. But, I realized the common denominator: great, high quality music. You gave us just that, a gift I will never forget. When you told us that you pick up on the tenor of the room, you were absolutely correct. You and your band played perfectly to the crowd. I was swept away.”

Claudia Plepler

“Everything was perfect, and everyone loved all the music. The reception was exactly like an elegant party which is just what I wanted.”

Meg Laidlaw Nebens

“Thank you for your unsurpassable contribution toward our wedding day. Your band was just so terrific! The music was everything we hoped it would be. It was one of the few things we had no worries about. The minute we walked up the front stairs and heard you playing, our hearts leapt with excitement. It’s true that music can make a party. Well, let’s just say the compliments are still flooding in! Everything you played was perfect! Please accept our warmest, heartfelt thanks for helping to make our wedding day so very special!”

Liza Rand Damiecki

“The music was just wonderful! You can’t imagine all the compliments we received!”

Douglas and Monique Steiner

“My phone has not stopped ringing. Everyone is raving about you and the wonderful musicians you brought together for my wedding. Thank you again for all the time and care you took in putting together an unbelievable evening. Your wonderful music set the tone for what turned out to be the best night of my life. Thank you for making my dream come true. I’m so grateful.”

Betsy Graver

“Since you symbolize a great party, I wanted you to have this. It says, ‘good times’ and that is precisely what you provide all of New York with every time you sit at the piano. Bill and I are so grateful to you for making our wedding day a memorable one.”

Pat Collins Sarnoff

“Music makes a party, and yours was perfect.”

Joyce Laidlaw

“The band won high marks from our guests. Everything was perfect – from the processional to the final song”

Jeff Blumenfeld

“Many thanks for making it all happen so beautifully and so right.”

Jeff Blumenfeld

“The band was sensational.”

Linda and Charlie Cohn

“There is no doubt that you and your orchestra helped to make this one of the best affairs we’ve ever had.”

Norma Perlstein
Greenwich Temple Sholom

“It’s this type of activity that helps lift the industry above the norm proclaiming that there is still a level of taste and showmanship on tap. Debbie, B.J. and I were delighted to be on the scene at your triumph.”

Bernard Toll
After Six, Inc

“You really are a genius.”

Madelyn Coe
The J. L. Hudson Company

“Thank you for your major contribution to a most successful event. The party was a smash.”

Thomas H. Lawrence
Glamour magazine

“Everyone had such fun dancing which is a tribute to you and your music.”

Kitty D’Alessio

“We were thrilled with the music, and everyone complimented me on such an excellent choice – but really I have you to thank. You gave the party the air of timeless class that I wished to convey – while being delightfully entertaining.”

Charles Lemiszki
Barney’s New York

“What a spectacular job you did. The music was superb, the members of the orchestra were wonderfully professional, and you are the most gracious and delightful person to work with.”

Mary Ann Mailman

“As the song goes, ‘You’re the Tops!”

Laurie Schaffer
Lord & Taylor

“We’ve had fantastic comments – best ever – and that’s what makes all of our efforts so worth it all.”

Lee Hogan Cass
The Broadway Department Stores

“Forrest Perrin music is the greatest.”

Kay Corinth
Seventeen magazine

“Your music was fabulous!”

Terry Melville

“The music was wonderful and really helped make our evening one to remember!”

Cheryl Kruener
Bergdorf Goodman

“You were magnificent. Thank you so much for making the magic at our party.”

Annette Johnson
House & Garden

“Your music was fabulous. It set the right mood for the collection. I’m talking about you and your music all the time. You’re the greatest!”

Dorothy Tivis Pollack
Formfit Rogers, Inc.

“Everybody was raving about the music, including me!.”

Bernadine Morris
The New York Times

“I always enjoy referring clients to you.”

Robert Isabell

“Thank you for making the reception such a success. Many people commented on the joy your music brought to the evening.

Susan Ulin
Susan Ulin Associates

“Bless you for producing such wonderful music. I treasure working with you.”

Virginia H. Fitzgerald

“I just want you to know how integral a part you played. We’ve had more calls and compliments about the ‘beat’ of the party, and that beat was provided by you – and so well. You and I have always worked so well together in setting the right tempo and mood for a party, and this one was no exception. I continue to recommend you whenever possible.”

Sheldon J. Tannen
‘21’ Club

“As usual, your men were top-notch. Oh, what a bore it must be for you to do everything so well! Perfection is a drag, isn’t it?”

Michael Brown

“I cannot begin to tell you how instrumental your presence was at making our wedding so wonderful.”

Bradley Reynolds

“Your input played a key factor in the exciting success of the Hotel Del Coronado’s 100th.”

Wendy Moss Seal

“My ‘book’ would not be ‘settled’ unless I were to tell you of everyone’s enjoyment of your music.”

Jerry Berns
‘21’ Club

“Thank you for a fabulous job on Saturday. My clients loved you and your beautiful music. Thank you for coming through for me in such a great way.”

Adriane Kutner

“Thank you for helping make the wedding such a beautiful and fun occasion. Your music was perfect, as you could tell by the dance floor! I look forward to working with you again.”

Candace R. Langan

“The party went much better than Volvo thought possible. Thanks for all your help in making it a success. I could not have done it without you.”

Jill Eastabrook
Special Marketing Services, Inc.

“Richard Tannen has said so many wonderful things about you – I now know why – and sincerely mean it when I say that you and your music contributed so much to the evening.”

Janmarie C. Prutting
The Coca-Cola Company

“We’ve worked with a lot of people over the years. Very few – in any area – are as professional and talented as Forrest Perrin. We’d like to thank you for helping to make the party the talk of the industry. I loved working with you.”

Jody Donohue

“It could not have been better!”

Terrance R. Dinan